Nguyen Thi Huyen

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Does the media make people unconsciously violent?

Kindness comes unconsciously. If a man grows up in a healthy environment, he will develop into a kinder person, and he will know how to admire beauty. Kindness and positive thoughts also come from the unconscious mind. That’s why we let our kids play with dolls at a young age or raise pets in our homes. Therefore, kindness is built in unconsciuosly but so is evil. If we happen to see blood so many times, we no longer feel scared or traumatised. A child who witnessed his father beat his mother may end up re-enacting the trauma by beating his own wife later, even in though he loves and feels sympathy to his mother, hates his father and may swear to never act like that. However, it can actually happen to him. This comes from unconscious mind,  no matter how hard the boy tries to get out of it.

Exposure to evil and violence in media can be a way to widespread evil for viewers, helping negative thoughts emerge and develop in their unconscious minds.  Currently in Vietnam, the media covers an excessive amount of violent news, such as being killed because of giving some one a dirty look; or being killed because of road rage after a small accident. Of course no one intentionally wants to kill another but evil can unconsiously come out in bursts of anger. It’s because we are exposed to it everyday and we no longer feel horror at the sight of evil. Similarly, Le Van Luyen plays violent games daily, he sees evil and blood as normal things and in a moment, that built-in evil rises up as if it was preparing for a long time. That’s why the killer was able to brutally stab a 18 month old baby. The media should not spread evil and violent content to wake up the internal evil existing deeply in our subconscience. The harder it is to spread kindness and posititivity, then the easier it is to spread evil.